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Yamami Residence is considered one of the unique compounds in Riyadh City. Our main goal is to provide Comfort, Luxury, and Top-Notch Hospitality that suits a modern and contemporary lifestyle. We have constantly strived to provide services and facilities that will complement our clientele’s lives to make sure they are well assisted in their daily lives. Therefore, Join Us hand in hand so we can provide you with the lifestyle deserved.

Featured Amenities:

  • Mini Store / Laundry
  • Gym, Sauna, and Steam Rooms
  • Sports Playgrounds
  • Children’s Playground
  • Multiple Swimming Pools
  • Restaurants / Cafés
  • Underground Parking Lot
  • Transportation
  • 24/7 Maintenance & Security


  • Basketball Ground
  • Multiple Swimming Pools
  • Jacuzzi, Steam Room, and Sauna
  • Kindergarten

Management Team

The Management Team of Yamami Residence Compound have always and still strive to achieve the unprecedented. We always believe that our efforts have to always pass expectations to be able to achieve the proper standard of living you deserve.

Our team leaves no stones unturned through the coordination of a man who comes from over 15 years of experience in this vast industry primarily in London, England.

Mr. Muhez and his team would like to accordingly invite you to join us in a life changing threshold that would provide leisure, opulence, and comfort.

Why Choose Us

"Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you." - John C. Maxwell.

We constantly encounter numerous choices that has a huge effect on our tenants. But make no mistake, we calculate the effect of every choice for it to be Constructive rather then destructive to our community. We also believe that our community deserves perfection. Therefore, day in & day out, we make it our sole goal to achieve a certain level of standard, lifestyle & comfort that would facilitate our tenants' daily routines. Therefore, choose us and we will do our utter best to provide you with treatment that you truly deserve.

Luxury and Elite is what we aspire

Quality attracts Quality. Hence, we believe that we are entitled to provide you with the best service we can ever offer. This translates into a luxurious high standards of living for yourself.
So why hold back?